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Ben Jonson


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. By which of the following names does Volpone refer to his treasure (his money) in Act I, scene I?

2. What do envious people, according to Volpone, call Mosca?

3. The legacy hunters bring the following gifts:

4. "Voltore", translated into English, means:

5. To whom does Celia toss a handkerchief?

6. Corbaccio's son is named:

7. What does Corvino want his wife to do with Volpone?

8. What civic function does the Scrutineo serve in the Venetian state?

9. Who is Mosca's "surprise witness" at the first Scrutineo hearing?

10. What is Corvino's punishment at the play's conclusion?

11. Volpone primarily aims to satirize which of the following vices?

12. In the Prologue, Jonson declares his hope that the play will:

13. In his soliloquy in Act III, scene i, Mosca says that:

14. In the end, the play seems to side primarily with which character's belief system?

15. English audiences saw Venice as a symbol of which of the following?

16. In his speech in Act I, scene i, Volpone uses language that draws heavily on the vocabulary of which of the following human endeavors?

17. After Voltore's speech, one of the judges pronounces that "'tis pity two such prodigies should live." To which two people does he intend to refer, and his statement is an example of what literary device?

18. In Act V, scene iv, Sir Politic hides in a casket made out of what?

19. Which of the following Italian authors has Lady Politic Would-be NOT read?

20. What action does Sir Politic seem to decide on after his humiliation at the hands of Peregrine?

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by zwibble-dibble, December 10, 2013

In the final paragraph, when discussing the second court scene, it says

"Mosca pretends to faint and claims to the Senate that he does not know where he is"

However, it is Voltore who does this, not Mosca.


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by elh377, March 17, 2015

In the summary of Act 4 Scene 4, it says *Bonario* expresses concern to Mosca. It was actually CORVINO who expressed concern to Mosca.

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