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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1 . What is Alvy’s occupation?

2. 2 . Where do Annie and Alvy first meet?

3. 3 . With whom is Annie living in Los Angeles?

4. 4 . Where does Alvy meet Allison?

5. 5 . Of what offense does Annie frequently accuse Alvy?

6. 6 . Why does a double of Annie rise up from the bed when she is making love with Alvy?

7. 7 . Why do Annie and Alvy fly to Los Angeles?

8. 8 . What do Annie and Alvy try to cook in the Hamptons?

9. 9 . What or whom does Alvy turn into briefly while he eats with Annie’s family?

10. 10 . Whom does Annie turn into in the animated scene?

11. 11 . What is Alvy’s main obsession?

12. 12 . What publication does Pam work for?

13. 13 . Who does Alvy produce in the movie-ticket line?

14. 14 . How many ex-wives does Alvy have?

15. 15 . How does the film begin?

16. 16 . Why does Annie ask Alvy to come to her apartment after they have broken up for the first time?

17. 17 . What movie do Annie and Alvy see?

18. 18 . What happens when Alvy encounters cocaine?

19. 19 . What does Alvy write his first play about?

20What is Annie’s trademark expression?

21. 21 . What is Annie’s brother Duane’s fantasy?

22. 22 . What unusual article of clothing is Annie wearing when she and Alvy first meet?

23. 23 . For what is nine-year-old Alvy scolded in school?

24. 24 . Who does Alvy stop in the street to ask about the secret to a successful relationship?

25. 25 . According to Alvy, why do human beings continue to fall in and out of love?

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