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Apocalypse Now


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1 . Which war provides the backdrop for Apocalypse Now?

2 . What or whom do Chef and Willard encounter in the jungle?

3 . Who opens fire on the Vietnamese sampan?

4 . For what is Willard’s journey a metaphor?

5 . Who directed Apocalypse Now?

6 . On which work of literature is Apocalypse Now based?

7 . The narrative takes place largely on what river?

8 . Why does the USO show end so soon?

9 . Who or what kills Chief?

10 . What does Kurtz throw into Willard’s lap while Willard is imprisoned?

11 . Which poet is quoted by both Kurtz and the photojournalist?

12 . What are the Montagnards doing while Kurtz is being killed?

13 . Where was the film shot?

14 . What did Lance do in California before the war?

15 . Who loves the smell of napalm in the morning?

16 . What is the film’s climax?

17 . Where is Kurtz located?

18 . What song does Kilgore blast from his helicopters during the air strike?

19 . Who kills the injured Vietnamese woman on the sampan?

20 . What are Kurtz’s last words?

21 . What is Clean listening to when he gets shot?

22 . Where does Willard find Lance after he kills Kurtz?

23 . When the film starts, Willard is:

24 . What is Willard’s mission?

25 . At Kurtz’s compound, what does Willard tell Chef to do if he doesn’t return by a specified hour?

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