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A Clockwork Orange


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1 . Who wrote the novel upon which the film A Clockwork Orange is based?

2 . Which members of society speak Nadsat, the slang Alex speaks?

3 . From which foreign language does Nadsat take the most words?

4 . What drink do Alex and his gang consume on the night the film opens?

5 . In the scene in which Alex beats Mr. Alexander and rapes Mrs. Alexander, what else does he do?

6 . After his first night of violence, Alex returns home. Where does he live?

7 . Who first pays Alex a visit the next morning?

8 . Who is Alex’s favorite composer?

9 . What does Alex imagine when he hears music?

10 . What crime does Alex get sent to prison for?

11 . What kind of animals does the victim of this crime keep as pets?

12 . What object does Alex’s victim use to fight him?

13 . What do the police do with Alex his first night in custody?

14 . How much of his prison sentence does Alex serve?

15 . Who takes Alex under his wing while he is in prison?

16 . What book does Alex read while in prison?

17 . During Alex’s treatment with Ludovico’s Technique, what is shown in the films he is made to watch?

18 . How long does the treatment last?

19 . When Alex returns home, what surprise is waiting for him?

20 . Upon his release, Alex finds his friends working as what?

21 . The first night after his release, in whose house does Alex seek refuge?

22 . How does Alex escape?

23 . What celebrity made famous the song “Singin’ in the Rain”?

24 . When the minister of the interior visits Alex in prison, what does he do for him?

25 . How is the end of the novel different from the end of the film?

Where does the quote come from?

by hannah_grace_, April 21, 2014

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find the original interview with Burgess talking about George Steiner when he says, ‘so foolish as to wonder why Nazis, why a concentration camp officer could listen to Schubert and at the same time send Jews to the gas’.

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by RedChallenger, May 18, 2014

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