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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1 . On what work is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest based?

2. 2 . What elements make Nurse Ratched’s authority over the men evident when she appears at the beginning of the film?

3. 3 . What does the Chief pretend to be?

4. 4 . Why does McMurphy request that Nurse Ratched change the men’s schedule?

5. 5 . How does McMurphy escape from the institution to take the men on a fishing trip?

6. 6 . Why does Nurse Ratched send Cheswick, the Chief, and McMurphy for electroshock therapy?

7. 7 . What does McMurphy do when he returns to the ward after electroshock treatments?

8. 8 . Why does McMurphy bribe the night orderly?

9. 9 . The film draw numerous parallels between McMurphy and which biblical character?

10. 10 . When does Nurse Ratched think she has beaten McMurphy?

11. 11 . In which episode does McMurphy win a battle with Nurse Ratched?

12. 12 . Why is the Chief so important in the film?

13. 13 . Why does Nurse Ratched drive Billy Bibbit to commit suicide?

14. 14 . Which of the following actresses portrays Nurse Ratched?

15. 15 . What does One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest ultimately hope to depict?

16. 16 . As a director, Milos Forman infused the film with the style of

17. 17 . What experiences with repressive authority did Forman have in his own life?

18. 18 . At what point in the film do we understand that McMurphy has sacrificed his freedom?

19. 19 . Why is the Chief’s speech about his father important?

20. 20 . What does Nurse Ratched want the men to do immediately after Billy Bibbit commits suicide?

21. 21 . Which of the following is the first climax of McMurphy’s confrontational relationship with Nurse Ratched?

22. 22 . How does the Chief free McMurphy?

23. 23 . What was Ken Kesey’s reaction to the film?

24. 24 . Which actor portrays McMurphy?

25. 25 . Where was the film shot?

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