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Gone with the Wind


Key Facts

Suggestions for Further Reading

1 . Who first tells Scarlett that the land will always be there for her?

2 . Why do all the men hurry away from the barbeque at Twelve Oaks?

3 . Where is Rhett originally from?

4 . When do Rhett and Scarlett first lay eyes on each other?

5 . How is Scarlett informed of Charles Hamilton’s death?

6 . How much does Rhett bid to dance with Scarlett at the charity ball?

7 . Who is Frank Kennedy truly in love with?

8 . Why does Scarlett marry Frank Kennedy?

9 . Who first tells Scarlett that her mother is sick?

10 . How does Scarlett kill the Yankee deserter?

11 . Who helps Scarlett persuade Ashley to work at the mill?

12 . How does Rhett get Ashley and the doctor past the Union soldiers?

13 . Who says she’s ready to deliver Melanie’s baby, then panics and can’t?

14 . What is Bonnie Blue named after?

15 . Where does Rhett take Bonnie to get away from Scarlett?

16 . Besides giving Scarlett a gun, Rhett also gives her what article of clothing?

17 . What contributes to Melanie’s collapse at the end of the film?

18 . Which two characters are killed in the same way?

19 . As Melanie is dying, what does she ask Scarlett to do?

20 . What does Rhett say he’ll do after leaving Scarlett for the last time?

21 . What is the name of Scarlett’s beloved home?

22 . Where does Melanie live?

23 . What is one reason Scarlett agrees to dance with Rhett at the charity ball?

24 . What reason does Rhett give for not helping Scarlett pay Tara’s taxes?

25 . What kind of business does Belle Watling run?

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