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Full-Book Quiz

1. 1 . From what source does Schindler secure the funds necessary to buy the enamelware factory?

2. 2 . What is Itzhak Stern’s original occupation?

3. 3 . Why does Schindler originally want to hire Jews, rather than Poles, to work in his factory?

4. 4 . What designation is given to the Jews who work in Schindler’s factory?

5. 5 . Where does Schindler first meet Poldek Pfefferberg?

6. 6 . What does Regina Perlman want Schindler to do?

7. 7 . Who originally uses Schindler’s factory to help the Jews?

8. 8 . On whom does Schindler focus as he watches the evacuation of the Kraków ghetto?

9. 9 . Who is the commander of the Plaszów labor camp?

10. 10 . With what is the road through the Plaszów labor camp paved?

11. 11 . Who are the previous owners of the Kraków apartment that the Nazis give to Schindler?

12. 12 . Whom does Stern bring to Schindler’s office to thank Schindler for being a savior, early in the film?

13. 13 . What does Goeth do to the woman engineer in the labor camp who is concerned with the structure of the barracks the Jews are building?

14. 14 . What event in the labor camp signifies the triumph of the human spirit?

15. 15 . How does Schindler get Goeth to agree to let him buy Helen Hirsch?

16. 16 . Why is Schindler thrown in jail after his birthday party?

17. 17 . Why is Goeth conflicted about his feelings of affection for Helen?

18. 18 . Where is the factory to which Schindler brings his Jews at the end of the film?

19. 19 . When does Stern finally have a drink with Schindler?

20. 20 . What does Schindler use to buy back the women who are mistakenly diverted to Auschwitz on the way to the new factory?

21. 21 . Why must Schindler flee at the end of the war?

22. 22 . What is inscribed on the ring that Schindler’s workers give to him at the end of the film?

23. 23 . Why is Schindler so upset as he says good-bye to his workers?

24. 24 . What do the surviving Schindlerjuden place on Schindler’s grave at the end of the film?

25. 25 . Who is the last person seen standing by Schindler’s grave?

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Schindler's Jews and gratitude

by Observationist, March 27, 2015

Like many, I was very moved by the story of Oskar Schindler and his incredible actions to save "his" Jews from Auschwitz. It was a story of real humanity portrayed brilliantly by Liam Neeson and the film is a masterpiece of Spielberg's. I had never heard of Oskar Schindler until this film came out.

I am far from anti-semitic, in fact I am greatly moved by what happened to the Jews as well as Homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses and others under the Nazis which was certainly an unimaginable horror story.

However, I was sh... Read more


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