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Sleeping Beauty


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1 . What song repeats throughout the dialogue and orchestrations of Sleeping Beauty?

2 . What’s one reason Briar Rose flees from the mysterious rider after they first dance?

3 . What does Maleficent create to prevent Prince Phillip from returning to Stefan’s castle?

4 . What is Hubert trying to tell Stefan just as the fairies put him to sleep?

5 . What will cause Aurora’s death, according to Maleficent’s initial curse?

6 . What does Maleficent wear atop her head?

7 . Which animal does NOT listen to a main character speak?

8 . Why is Maleficent surprised when she captures Phillip at the fairies’ cottage?

9 . What color are the dresses of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, respectively?

10 . How much is shown of the period between Aurora’s birth celebration and the day of Aurora’s sixteenth birthday?

11 . How does Maleficent draw Aurora away in Stefan’s castle?

12 . With which two visions does Maleficent taunt Phillip when he’s chained in her dungeon?

13 . With what “Weapons of Righteousness” do the fairies arm Phillip?

14 . How do Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather make Briar Rose cry on her sixteenth birthday?

15 . Which female character employs a walking stick?

16 . How do the fairies hide themselves?

17 . Why does Stefan allow the fairies to raise Aurora in the forest?

18 . Who is Briar Rose dancing with when the stranger cuts in?

19 . Why couldn’t Maleficent’s henchmen find Aurora in sixteen years?

20 . How do Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather clean the cottage on Rose’s birthday?

21 . Which fairy is the most aggressive?

22 . In what form does Maleficent finally confront Phillip?

23 . At what time of day is Aurora supposed to appear at Stefan’s castle?

24 . What is Aurora named in honor of?

25 . How many times does Aurora speak after Phillip wakes her with a kiss?

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great movie

by bellaswanforever18, April 22, 2015

i loe it to so much. is it the classic or the lattest update version on Maleficient, either way, i've seen both and i've loved and adored both