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The Vietnam War (1945–1975)

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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. Vietnam spent more than a millennium under the imperial rule of

2. 2. Which of the following was not a province of colonial French Indochina?

3. 3. All of the following countries ruled Vietnam as an imperial or colonial power at some point except

4. Which of the following was the site of a major French defeat in 1954?

5. 5. The French established their colonial capital of Vietnam at

6. Who was the former emperor of Vietnam whom the French reinstalled as a figurehead in 1949?

7. Who was the U.S.-backed leader of South Vietnam until 1963?

8. Which international agreement split North Vietnam and South Vietnam in 1954?

9. 9. The dividing line between North Vietnam and South Vietnam lay along the

10. 10. What did the domino theory state?

11. 11. On which religious group did the Diem regime crack down severely?

12. In which body of water were two U.S. destroyers allegedly attacked by North Vietnamese forces in August 1964?

13. 13. Ho Chi Minh was associated with

14. 14. The South Vietnamese “first lady” who was infamous for controversial comments was called

15. 15. Nixon’s secret bombing of Cambodia prompted Congress to pass the

16. In 1963, a Buddhist monk protesting Diem’s regime killed himself in public by

17. 17. Which of the following men was not assassinated?

18. 18. The policy of Vietnamization called for

19. 19. What did COINTELPRO do?

20. 20. The Viet Cong raid at Pleiku gave Johnson justification to begin

21. What did the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution do?

22. 22. Why did many South Vietnamese resent U.S. military participation in the Vietnam War?

23. After the 1968 Tet Offensive, General Westmoreland

24. Which of the following did not contribute to U.S. paranoia about Communism in the late 1940s?

25. 25. The Viet Cong proved a formidable enemy for all of the following reasons except

26. 26. Which of the following played an unforeseen, important role in the Vietnam War?

27. 27. All of the following were associated with the U.S. antiwar movement except

28. Why did Nixon initiate warmer relations with China in 1972?

29. 29. The Nixon Doctrine stipulated that

30. 30. What is napalm?

31. 31. All of the following statements about the Pentagon Papers are true except

32. 32. Which U.S. official tried to negotiate an end to the war through secret talks with Viet Cong official Le Duc Tho?

33. 33. With which president is the policy of Vietnamization associated?

34. 34. With which president is the policy of Americanization associated?

35. 35. The failed U.S. initiative to relocate Vietnamese peasants to specific villages was called the

36. The My Lai Massacre of 1968 turned American public opinion against

37. 37. The Viet Cong differed from the NVA in that

38. Hubert Humphrey lost the presidential election of 1968 partly because of his association with

39. Johnson and the military’s request for more troops in 1968 coupled with their assurances that the United States was winning the war in Vietnam helped form the

40. 40. Which of the following did not cause a scandal in the Nixon administration?

41. 41. On which president’s watch did the largest increases in U.S. troop numbers in Vietnam occur?

42. 42. Nixon used the term “silent majority” to refer to Americans who supported

43. 43. Which Constitutional amendment lowered the U.S. voting age from twenty-one to eighteen?

44. 44. All of the following eroded the American public’s support for the war except

45. 45. What was the COSVN?

46. Which famous actress made a notorious 1972 visit to North Vietnam?

47. 47. Sporadic incidents in which U.S. soldiers killed their own superior officers in order not to be sent on combat missions were referred to as

48. 48. Saigon finally fell to North Vietnamese forces in

49. What was Vietnam officially called beginning in 1976?

50. 50. Who succeeded Ho Chi Minh as head of the Vietnamese Communist Party upon Ho’s death?

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