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The Roman Empire (60 BCE-160 CE)

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The chief threat to Rome's eastern borders in the 160s were the

In the time of Marcus Aurelius, the method of imperial succession was

Who were the first Germanic Barbarians to invade Roman lands and when?

Who was Caligula's successor, and how did he become Emperor?

The Flavian emperors were of what background?

Augustus' reforms did not include

Pax Romana refers to

Latifundia began as

The Parthians were

The Triumvirate was

When as the Jewish revolt?

Christianity's status under Nero was

In the eyes of Roman society, craftsmen were

Praetorian Prefect was

Which of the following is not a reason Germanic tribes presented little danger to Rome prior to 200 CE?

Comitatus was

Who brought Rome's borders to the German lands?

Why was Agrippina murdered?

What was Cleopatra's role at Actium?

What was the Barbarian attitude to Rome?

Who conquered Dacia?

When was the second Jewish revolt?

What were the auxiliaries?

Sejanus was

Alimenta was begun under

When was the first recorded persecution of Christians by Rome?

The Principate began to emerge in

Equites were

Bedricum II was in

Agrippa was


Britain was conquered in

Who was not one of the Four Emperors?

When did Caesar die?

The core of Roman society was

Who put down the Jewish Revolt?

Who killed Claudius?

What was the importance to Rome of North Africa?

Marcus Aurelius

Until 7 CE Augustus' goal in Germany was

The foundation of Roman law was

By 96, the Senate

When did Rome burn?

Marcomanni were

Germans learned of Rome

How were Caesar and Augustus related?

Hellenism attracted

The Praetorian Guard was

Claudius was disliked

Who was the most favorite emperor after Augustus?

Who innovated a standing army?

Otho became emperor through

What was not one of Augustus' reforms?

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