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The Fall of Rome (150CE-475CE)

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The Disappearance of the Western Roman Empire and Emergence of the First Medieval Political Order (440-493)

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The chief threat to Rome's eastern borders in the 160s were the

In the time of Marcus Aurelius, the method of imperial succession was

Who were the first Germanic Barbarians to invade Roman lands and when?

Who was Commodius' successor, and how did he become Emperor?

The Severi Emperors were of what professional and ethnic background?

Diocletian's reforms did not include

Pax Romana refers to

Latifundia began as

The Sassanids were

The Tetrarchate was

Constantine became Christian

Christianity's status under Constantine was

From 285-350, craftsmen were made

Master of the Military was

Which of the following is not a reason Germanic tribes presented little danger to Rome prior to 200 CE?

Comitatus was

The first Germans to convert to Christianity in large groups were

Why was Fritigern elected Visigothic leader?

Why did Visigothic-Roman hostilities break out in 378, leading to the Roman defeat at Adrianopole?

What was the Barbarian attitude to Rome?

What pushed the Goths over the Danube?

What was Theodosius' contribution to Christianity?

What were the foederati

Stilicho was

The first sack of Rome was

What did Alaric, Athaulf, and Wallia want from Roman leaders?

Rome was split into two, East and West,

Wergeld were

hospitalitas began as

Aetius was

The Battle of Milvian Bridge was

The 325 Council of Nicaea established

Who was Augustine of Hyppo

When did Britain stop receiving Roman reinforcements?

The core of Roman society was

Why did Honoria write Atilla

Why did Atilla not move south against Marcian in Constantinople?

What was the importance to Rome of North Africa?

Marcus Aurelius

Zeno sent Theodoric west because

The foundation of Roman law was

By 430, the Senate

When was the destructive Roman plague?

Vandals attacked Rome

Germans left their 'reservations'

Where did the Visigoths end up?

Chi Ro

The Praetorian Guard was

Julian the Apostate was so-named

Why was Byzantium chosen as a new capital site?

What was the effective capital of Rome in the West?

Provide the proper sequence:

What was not one of the post-Roman kingdoms in the West to 530?

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