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2001: A Space Odyssey

Arthur C. Clarke


Study Questions and Essay Topics

Suggestions for Further Reading

What is TMA-1?

What does the monolith do to Moon-Dancer?

What happens when TMA-1 is first exposed to sunlight?

How many humans are on Discovery

Which technology allowed the Discovery mission to go to Saturn, rather than Jupiter?

What is wrong with the AE-35 unit that Poole successfully replaces?

How does Poole die?

Who nefariously opens the airlock doors?

How does Bowman gain control of the ship?

Who knows the real purpose of the mission?

Which heavenly body is Bowman most instructed to investigate?

What change occurs on Japetus after Bowman touches down?

What does the civilization that Bowman is meant to explore do to him?

How does Bowman change the course of the Earth's history?

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Minor correction

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HAL is HAL 9000, not HAL 2001 as mentioned in the Themes, Motifs and Symbols section

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