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A Storm of Swords

George R. R. Martin


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. What is King’s Landing?

2. 2. According to Edric Dayne, who is likely Jon Snow’s mother?

3. 3. Who are Joffrey’s true parents?

4. 4. What is the year that A Storm of Swords begins?

5. 5. What Ser Davos’s nickname?

6. 6. Who killed Elia Martell?

7. 7. What is the Horn of Winter said to do?

8. 8. What are of the official words of the Starks?

9. 9. In which order did Daenerys defeat the cities of Essos?

10. 10. What sea battle occurred directly before the events in A Storm of Swords begins?

11. 11. What does Tyrion give Joffrey as a wedding gift?

12. 12. Who of the following was never suggested to marry to Sansa Stark?

13. 13. What do the wildlings call themselves?

14. 14. How does Arya pay for her passage aboard ship?

15. 15. What is not true about Unsullied warriors?

16. 16. What is a warg?

17. 17. How is poison smuggled into Joffrey’s wedding?

18. 18. Who actually gets married at the Red Wedding?

19. 19. What animals do the wildlings bring into battle?

20. 20. What is the Wall made of?

21. 21. Why does Edmure agree to marry Roslin?

22. 22. What is Shae’s pet name for Tyrion?

23. 23. What is the one thing Hodor can say?

24. 24. What animal are the Targaryens known for keeping?

25. 25. When she is revived from the dead, what is Catelyn unable to do?

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