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A Day No Pigs Would Die

Robert Newton Peck

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full title ·  A Day No Pigs Would Die

author ·  Robert Newton Peck

type of work ·  Autobiographical fiction

genre ·  Rural American Novel

language ·  English

date of first publication ·  1972

publisher of first publication ·  Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

narrator ·  Robert Peck

point of view ·  First person

tone ·  Lighthearted, optimistic

tense ·  Present

setting (time) ·  Late 1930s

setting (place) ·  Learning, Vermont

protagonist ·  Robert Peck

rising action ·  Robert receives a pig as a gift from a neighbor. He and the pig become best friends.

climax ·  Pinky has to be killed so that the family will have enough to eat in the winter.

falling action ·  Robert's father dies.

themes ·  The trials of becoming a man; the difficulty of being an outsider; free will versus expectations; acceptance of the inevitability of life

motifs · Death; education; consistency; possession

symbols ·  Haven's tools; Haven's signature

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Pinky is a girl!

by VioletFlowermeadow, August 12, 2013

I noticed that you guys made Pinky a "he", although she is a GIRL! Why else would they breed her to a boar? She was expected to be a brood sow! How can that possibly be a boy? It just looks funny to me...

Samson and Solomon

by twistleton, January 02, 2014

The ox is Solomon; Mr. Tanner's boar hog is Samson.

Apron and Daisy

by sewingmama, January 06, 2014


cow, Bib and Bob's mother
Daisy: The Peck's dairy cow

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