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Alas, Babylon

Pat Frank

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During what conflict does Alas, Babylon take place?

Randy Bragg lives on what street?

Florence Wechek works at the

Mark Bragg is a(n)

Mark's wife is named

Randy's girlfriend, at the time the novel begins, is named

Who of the following does not live on River Road?

Dan Gunn is a

Residents of Fort Repose refer to the day that nuclear war begins as

When it becomes clear that money will soon be worthless, Edgar Quisenberry

After the destruction of Washington, _____ takes over as President of the U.S.A.

The destruction of what city knocks out power in Fort Repose?

Lib McGovern's mother dies of

Who does not move in with Randy in the aftermath of the nuclear war?

Porky Logan transmits radiation poisoning to several people in Fort Repose by selling them contaminated

In order to get people to help with Porky Logan's burial, Randy

Helen has a moment of temporary insanity, in which she thinks that Randy is

Which character owns and operates a ham radio?

Randy takes charge of law enforcement in Fort Repose because

Which character gets beaten up by robbers?

On Easter Sunday, Randy marries

Who gets killed in the shootout with the robbers?

What happens to the sole surviving robber?

How does Randy find a supply of salt?

Who shows up in a helicopter at the end of the book, and who does he tell them won the war?

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by Gruntalicous, June 27, 2015

this book is so boring, but if u like me u forrced to read this over da summer. how is it summer break, if you are gonna give me homework that lasts the entire break, taking up 5 hours a day?


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