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Ayn Rand


Study Questions & Essay Topics

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1. Who is International 4-8818?

2. Where does Equality 7-2521 write the beginning part of the novella?

3. What does the Golden One do for a living?

4. Why do the members of the World Council of Scholars reject the lightbulb?

5. Why does Equality 7-2521 decide to offer the World Council of Scholars the lightbulb?

6. Where does Equality 7-2521 meet the Golden One?

7. What word doesn’t the Golden One know until the end of the novella?

8. What does Equality 7-2521 do for a living, officially?

9. Who is Prometheus?

10. At the end of the novella, Equality 7-2521 does not plan to do which of the following?

11. The first time they meet, what does Equality 7-2521 say to the Golden One?

12. What does Equality 7-2521 believe is the most important concept known to man?

13. Why does Equality 7-2521 break out of the Palace of Corrective Detention?

14. When does the story take place?

15. How does Equality 7-2521 escape the Palace of Corrective Detention?

16. Where does the story take place?

17. What is the name of Ayn Rand’s philosophy?

18. Equality 7-2521 discovers which of the following?

19. Why don’t the students talk to each other?

20. Who built the house in which Equality 7-2521 and the Golden One live at the end of the novella?

21. Why does Equality 7-2521 get sent to the Palace of Corrective Detention?

22. How does Equality 7-2521 discover electricity?

23. Of whom does Equality 7-2521 consider himself a disciple?

24. Where does Equality 7-2521 go when he is exiled?

25. What is the most evil word in the language (according to Rand)?

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