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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who decides that Asher should undertake a more structured study of art after his Bar Mitzvah?

2. Why does Asher's father leave home?

3. Why does Rivkeh go to college

4. How does Asher first come to possess oil paints?

5. What foreign country is the object of Asher's fascination when he is younger?

6. What does Asher do the summer before entering High School

7. The inclusion of which types of paintings in Asher's art show particularly annoys his father?

8. How does Asher's mother encourage her son's artistic work?

9. Why, during the summer in Provincetown, does Jacob tell Asher he is beginning to become a whore?

10. What is Asher's father's job

11. Who is Yudel Krinsky?

12. Where does Asher grow up?

13. Where does Asher have his art shows?

14. Where in Europe does Asher live for a year?

15. What happens as a result of Asher showing his Crucifixion paintings?

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