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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. In Cora Tull’s opinion, which Bundren son loves his mother the most?

2. For whom do Darl and Jewel make a delivery?

3. Who is the father of Dewey Dell’s unborn child?

4. How did Cash break his leg the first time?

5. What does Vardaman think his mother is?

6. What is Cash saving his money to buy?

7. What was Addie’s profession before she was married?

8. From what disability does Anse Bundren suffer?

9. Whose barn does Darl burn down?

10. With what object in a store window is Vardaman obsessed?

11. With what literary movement is Faulkner most often associated?

12. What is the name of the fictional county in which Faulkner sets a large number of his novels?

13. What is Anse looking forward to buying when the family gets to Jefferson?

14. Who builds Addie’s coffin?

15. Which Bundren child is not Anse’s?

16. What is in the capsules that MacGowan prepares for Dewey Dell?

17. What is the first thing Jewel saves from the fire?

18. What is Whitfield’s occupation?

19. Why does Jewel insult a man on the road as the family nears Jefferson?

20. How does Cash make it to shore after the accident?

21. Why does Cash’s leg turn black?

22. Why does Vardaman drill holes in his mother’s coffin?

23. Which of the following does Anse not use to buy a new team?

24. Who helps the Bundrens pull wreckage from the river?

25. About whom does Addie say, “He is my cross and he will be my salvation”?

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Reconciliation Between Jewel and Darl?

by EL-14, July 22, 2013

The analysis for sections 46-52 states that "Darl’s burning of the barn does hasten reconciliation between Darl and Jewel." This couldn't be more untrue. As Jewel retrieves the casket from the fire, he lets out a blood curdling scream of "Darl!" already aware that it was he who set fire to the barn. After this, Jewel sits on the wagon and is said to glare at Darl like a bulldog waiting to pounce, and Jewel suggests to Anse that they should immediately tie Darl up to be taken to the asylum, even before their mother is buried. There neve


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by austinbrooks34, September 30, 2013

intersting so far


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by jx1122, April 16, 2015

Suggested Essay Top: What would be the answer for question number 5?


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