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Sections 46–52

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From the arrival at the Gillespie farm to the arrival in Jefferson


After the wagon stops in front of a house, Darl suggests to Dewey Dell that she go up to the door and ask to borrow a bucket for water. Cash is slowly bleeding to death. Darl takes the bucket that Dewey Dell acquires and begins mixing up cement for a cast for Cash’s leg. Cash says he can last another day without it, but they go ahead and pour the cement into the splints anyway. At that moment, Jewel arrives at the wagon, and without a word climbs in. Anse tells his children that with a hill approaching they will have to get out of the wagon and ascend on foot.


Vardaman is walking up the hill with Darl, Dewey Dell, and Jewel. Vardaman is still thinking about the buzzards. He wonders where they go after sundown. He resolves to search for them that night once the family has made camp at a nearby farm.


At the farm that evening, Darl helps set the coffin against an apple tree. Because of the heat, Cash complains of pain in his leg, which has begun to swell. They pour some water over it. Darl repeatedly asks Jewel who his father was, but Jewel refuses to answer.


Vardaman and Darl go out by moonlight to the apple tree where the coffin rests. Darl tells Vardaman that they can hear Addie speaking to them, and Vardaman puts his ear to the coffin. They return to the barn to check on Cash. Later, as Dewey Dell and Vardaman prepare to go to sleep on the back porch, Anse, Darl, Jewel, and the Gillespie boy, the son of the farmer who is hosting the Bundrens, all move the coffin from under the apple tree to the barn. Vardaman goes in search of the buzzards, and witnesses Darl setting fire to the barn. He tells Dewey Dell his secret, and she tells him not to say anything about it to anyone.


Darl runs with Jewel down to the barn, which is ablaze. The others emerge from the house to witness the spectacle. Jewel enters the inferno, making a furious attempt to free the horses and mules from the burning barn. He then risks his life to save the coffin.


Vardaman looks at the burned remains of the barn. The coffin is carried back to the apple tree. The family goes inside to attend to Cash, whose foot and leg have turned black as a result of the confining cast. Anse makes an amateur attempt to break off the cement cast. Jewel’s back goes red from burns sustained in the fire, then black from the medicine that Dewey Dell gives him. Darl remains outside by the apple tree, lying on top of the coffin and weeping.

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Reconciliation Between Jewel and Darl?

by EL-14, July 22, 2013

The analysis for sections 46-52 states that "Darl’s burning of the barn does hasten reconciliation between Darl and Jewel." This couldn't be more untrue. As Jewel retrieves the casket from the fire, he lets out a blood curdling scream of "Darl!" already aware that it was he who set fire to the barn. After this, Jewel sits on the wagon and is said to glare at Darl like a bulldog waiting to pounce, and Jewel suggests to Anse that they should immediately tie Darl up to be taken to the asylum, even before their mother is buried. There neve


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by austinbrooks34, September 30, 2013

intersting so far


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