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The Assistant

Bernard Malamud


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who is Martin Bober's wife?

2. Who is Martin Bober's daughter?

3. What ethnicity is Frank Alpine?

4. Who asks Helen to marry him?

5. With whom did Helen loose her virginity

6. What type of store does Louis Karp run?

7. Where did Martin Bober immigrate to America from?

8. Who is always Martin Bober's first customer of the day?

9. What does Ward Minogue's father do for a living?

10. What legendary figure is Frank Alpine obsessed with?

11. What does Helen Bober do for a living?

12. What present does Frank Alpine give Helen Bober?

13. Where do Frank Alpine and Helen Bober frequently meet?

14. What does Frank Alpine use the dumbwaiter for?

15. Who is the most profitable merchant on the street and what does he sell?

16. Who initially tries to rape Helen?

17. Where did Frank Alpine grow up?

18. Who burns down Julius Karp's store?

19. What type of food does Frank start making in his store?

20. What profession did Morris want to pursue before buying his store?

21. Who is the light bulb salesman?

22. What does Morris die of?

23. How does Frank find money for the store when times are tough?

24. What does Nat Pearl do for a living?

25. What gift does Frank decide to give Helen at the end of the novel?

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"sexual intercourse"

by jpsm1996, December 16, 2015

at the end of chapter six, frank does not have "sexual intercourse" with helen, he rapes her. there is a distinct difference and to describe rape as sex is disrespectful.


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