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Suggestions for Further Reading

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No Quote for taylor to say about turtle!

by jessicalynn2028, November 06, 2015

i think you should add a quote from taylor talking about turtle. it would really help the kids in high school to write their essays on The Bean Trees.


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Illegal Aliens is Offensive

by SSActress, July 24, 2016

I would suggest that because the terms "illegal alien" and "illegal immigrant" are widely considered to be offensive, primarily because the concept of labeling a person as "illegal" is wrong, (as Taylor mentions in the book) that those terms be changed to the currently more politically correct term for an immigrant who enters a country illegally: "undocumented/unauthorized immigrant". This would show respect to both those who use Sparknotes and would read this synopsis, and also to the book, The Bean Trees, which very clearly rejected the u... Read more


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by bigsparknoterman, June 19, 2017

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