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Bird by Bird

Anne Lamott


Key Facts

Key Facts

full title ·  Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

author · Anne Lamott

type of work · Nonfiction

genre · Memoir/Writing Manual

language · English

time and place written · 1995; San Rafael, California

date of first publication · October 1995

publisher · Anchor Books

narrator · Anne Lamott

point of view · The author speaks exclusively in the first person, unless quoting another person or writer. She gives advice and speaks of her past experiences through memoir form.

tone · The author is the narrator, and her attitude toward the story is straightforward and conversational. Her writing style is primarily subjective.

tense · Present tense, except when describing past events

setting (time) · Current; events take place between 1954–1995

setting (place) · Northern California

protagonist · Anne Lamott

major conflict · None

rising action · None

climax · None

falling action · None

themes · Writing vs. publishing; the importance of faith to creativity; the creation of community

motifs: · Memories; illness and dying; opposites

symbols · Small things; photographs; church

foreshadowing · None

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