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Madame Bovary

Gustave Flaubert


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1. What is Charles Bovary’s first wife’s name?

2. How does Emma Bovary kill herself?

3. How does Charles get to know Emma’s father?

4. How does Emma’s father signal to Charles that Emma has accepted his proposal?

5. How does Rodolphe conceal the letter in which he breaks up with Emma?

6. When the Marquis d’Andervilliers’s ballroom becomes too hot, how do the servants cool it down?

7. What item does the Viscount drop that Emma saves to fantasize about?

8. What is Monsieur Binet’s hobby?

9. In what way is Hippolyte crippled before Charles tries to operate on him and ends up having to perform an amputation?

10. Where was Emma educated?

11. Where do Leon and Emma make love for the first time?

12. Where do Emma and Rodolphe make love for the first time?

13. Where does Rodolphe declare his love for Emma?

14. Who is Catherine Leroux?

15. What eventually happens to Emma’s daughter?

16. What important document does Emma obtain from her husband?

17. What lie does Emma tell in order to go visit Leon each week in Rouen?

18. Where does Charles find the letter from Rodolphe that broke off the affair with Emma?

19. When Charles and Emma get married, where do they go for their honeymoon?

20. To what other use does the gravedigger, Lestiboudois, put his graveyard?

21. Why can’t Emma marry Charles immediately after he proposes?

22. Apart from the effect it has on her health, what is the consequence of Emma’s illness after Rodolphe leaves her?

23. How many extramarital affairs does Emma have?

24. What impressive credential does the old man at the Marquis d’Andervilliers’s ball have?

25. Where does Madame Bovary open?

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Essay- Evolutionary Perspective

by Celestial-moon-fire, March 20, 2013

Emma's behaviour could be explored as an effect of sexual selection, which is a form of selection that drives Evolution. Similar to Peacocks, where teh females choose the most attractive mate for reproduction, Emma wants a more attractive and intresting man to pass on her genetic inheritance.


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