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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

In Mustapha Mond’s discussion of history, Brave New World gives some thought to a theme that George Orwell explores in detail in 1984. Implicit in Mond’s statement that “history is bunk” and his discussion of the history of the World State, is the fact that Mond and the other nine World Controllers have a monopoly on historical knowledge. This ensures their positions of power. In 1984, Orwell describes the mechanisms of this manipulation, as the government of Oceania actively revises history in order to serve its political goals from moment to moment. But in the World State, active revision is unnecessary because the population is conditioned to believe that, as Mond says, “history is bunk.” Because they are trained to see history as worthless, they are trapped in the present, unable to imagine alternative ways of life. It is unclear why Mond takes the time to explain the history of the World State to the boys, though it certainly is a convenient way of explaining a possible pathway from the reader’s world to that of the World State.

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Why does Mustapha Mond quote Ford saying “History is bunk”?
To explain the way human beings are made in the World State
To emphasize the reason students do not know about the past
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Test Your Understanding with the Chapter 3 Quiz

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Our Ford

by AP-ness, July 29, 2012

Replacing the concept of a belief-based, non-verifiable being with Ford, a man who existed, eliminates all the wonder and mystery related to traditional religions.
Also eliminating all other belief systems with a single, inarguable "godhead" rids the World State citizens of anxiety and conflicts based on religious beliefs and orthodoxies.


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Nowy wspaniały świat czytałem z wypiekami na twarzy

by sylwek9990, August 17, 2015

Czytałem to w trakcie studiów, absolutnie fantastyczna, choć bardzo przerażająca powieść. Kocham za trzeźwość spojrzenia i wizje, które mam nadzieję, że nie spełnią się. Piękna całość. Bardzo przyjemnie się czyta, wciąga. Polecam.


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brave new world

by wings01, November 28, 2015

One might say that the novels Animal Farm and Brave New
World could give useful lessons on democracy to younger teenagers. Give your
opinion on the matter. Support your opinion with evidence from the two novels.


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