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Breath, Eyes, Memory

Edwidge Danticat


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Where does Sophie spend the early years of her life?

2. Who cares for Sophie during her childhood?

3. Who is Tante Atie?

4. Why does it make Tante Atie sad to watch Monsieur Augustin with his wife?

5. How did Sophie's mother, Martine, become pregnant with Sophie?

6. How old is Sophie when she arrives in New York for the first time?

7. When Sophie arrives in New York, her appearance reminds Martine of which of the following?

8. Sophie tells Marc, Martine's lover, that her ambition is to become which of the following?

9. Who are the Marassas?

10. As an adult, Sophie discovers that she has which eating disorder?

11. When Sophie's mother "tests" her, she is checking to see which of the following?

12. When Sophie finally fails her mother's "test," it is because of which of the following?

13. Erzulie is which of the following?

14. The Tonton Macoutes are which of the following?

15. How does Sophie meet Joseph?

16. During Sophie's childhood, Sophie and Atie receive news from Martine via which of the following?

17. How does Sophie's mother, Martine, die?

18. Who do the Macoutes kill in the Croix-des-Rosets marketplace?

19. Sophie's family name, Caco, is also which of the following?

20. When does Sophie first return to Haiti?

21. Doubling can be used in which of the following ways?

22. What outfit does Sophie choose for Martine's burial?

23. Where do Sophie and Joseph live?

24. Who finally teaches Tante Atie how to read?

25. In her old age and loneliness, Tante Atie turns increasingly to which of the following?

26. Louise's sudden departure is attributed to which of the following?

27. Where is Martine buried?

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