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The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Why are the pilgrims going to Canterbury?

2. What does the Squire wear?

3. Who marries Emelye in the Knight’s Tale?

4. According to the Wife of Bath, what do women most desire?

5. What does Chanticleer dream?

6. Who are the three men searching for in the Pardoner’s Tale?

7. Who is branded by a red-hot poker in the Miller’s Tale?

8. Which of the following tales is a fabliau?

9. Which pilgrim has a forked beard?

10. What is the moral of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale?

11. What is the Wife of Bath’s Prologue about?

12. When does The Canterbury Tales take place?

13. For which social classes did Chaucer write?

14. What was Chaucer’s profession?

15. How many Canterbury Tales are there?

16. What is a romance?

17. Which tale qualifies as part of a medieval sermon?

18. Which pilgrims are most richly attired?

19. Which tales take place in the Orient?

20. Which pilgrim carries a brooch inscribed with Latin words meaning “Love Conquers All”?

21. At what time of year does the pilgrimage take place?

22. Which characters are connected to the Church?

23. Which tale is about a talking falcon?

24. Which tales are about the patient suffering of women?

25. Why does the Pardoner upset the Host?

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pardoners tale

by sons88, October 06, 2013

his story begins off with him telling everyone about drunken Flemish people.
then talks about their vices
he is very hypercritical
hates swearing
story is about a guy who poisons everyone else so that he could have all the gold
his tale ends with him trying to sell relics even though he told everyone in his prologue that they are fake


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Whose side is he on?!

by MrsD23, September 25, 2014

I'm not finding any hint as to which side Chaucer took regarding the Peasants Revolt, the poor or the rich. Opinion based question I'm sure but I couldn't even begin to say. Any ideas?


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Jealous John?

by EmilyisSOgay, November 24, 2014

After further inspection I'd like to point out that John doesn't actually seem all that jealous. Just because the narrator says he is doesn't mean his actions point that way. He leaves Alisoun alone with Nicholas and he lets her listen to Absolon's love song.

Perhaps John is simple "sely" or naive, rather than jealous. He says he loves her more than his life, so maybe John is just blinded to her betrayal because he loves his wife so much. That might be a better moral to the story. He still cares about the earthly world (his wife) mor


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