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Cat's Cradle

Kurt Vonnegut


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. According to Cat's Cradle, what are humanity's biggest problems?

2. Which of the following statements describes Felix Hoenikker best?

3. How would Julian Castle's philosophy best be described?

4. How would Bokonon's philosophy best be described?

5. What is Bokononism?

6. What does Bokononism provide for its followers?

7. How is Bokononism different from other religions?

8. What did the Hoenikker siblings try to do with ice-nine?

9. What did Bokonon think about history?

10. What is the best description of Angela's feelings for her father?

11. How would John best be described?

12. How would Mona best be described?

13. How would Vonnegut's attitude toward modern technology best be described?

14. How would John's attitude toward Mona best be described?

15. Why did John agree to become President of San Lorenzo?

16. Why did Frank want John to become President of San Lorenzo in his place?

17. What did Lowe and Hazel symbolize?

18. What does the game of cat's cradle symbolize?

19. What did the Hundred Martyrs to Democracy symbolize?

20. Why did McCabe outlaw Bokononism on San Lorenzo?

21. How would San Lorenzo's criminal justice system best be described?

22. Why did "Papa" Monzano adopt Mona?

23. Why did Asa Breed's son quit his job at the Research Laboratory?

24. What does Cat's Cradle say about the search for knowledge and understanding?

25. What does Frank's exquisitely detailed model in Jack's Hobby Shop symbolize?

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Incorrect information

by SuperBobKing, August 29, 2012

Ice-nine isn't an isotope of water. An isotope is an element with a different number of protons, and water is not an element and the water molecules are not altered. Ice-nine was just water in solid state only the molecules were put together differently than normal ice, which caused it to have a higher melting point.


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Incorrect Name

by tapmaster88, October 02, 2013

The name of Asa Breed's brother is not Martin, it is Marvin. Check Chapter 31.

Something I thought was interesting...

by possibly_troodon, March 28, 2014

It seems like almost every aspect of science has an opposite in religion and vice versa. Science is a search for truth, and Bokononism is nothing but "foma." Likewise, the scientific documents are completely incomprehensible to the secretaries in the Research Laboratory who transcribe them, and Bokononism is the one real comfort to the people of San Lorenzo.

I especially like how the contrast stands out in the characters of Felix Hoenikker and Bokonon. Felix is typically described as "innocent," yet his inventions, the atom bomb and i... Read more


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