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Cat's Cradle

Kurt Vonnegut


Chapters 35-43

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Chapters 35-43

Chapters 35-43

Chapters 35-43

Chapters 35-43


John interviewed Jack, the proprietor of Jack's Hobby Shop. Like Martin, he believed that the gangsters involved with the car theft ring in Florida murdered Frank. He showed John an amazingly detailed model city that Frank built. Tears came to Jack's eyes as he expressed anger and grief that anyone could have murdered someone who created such a masterpiece.

While John was visiting Ilium, he allowed Sherman Krebbs, a destitute poet, to live in his apartment in New York. When he returned, he discovered that Krebbs had incurred hundreds of dollars in long distance phone calls, destroyed his apartment, and killed his cat. John believes that Krebbs was what Bokononism termed a wrang-wrang, someone who forces another person to recognize that a particular line of reasoning is completely absurd. John credits Krebbs with pushing him away from a philosophy of nihilism.

Later, John found a tourism advertisement in the Sunday Times for San Lorenzo, a small island republic. The ad depicted Mona Aamons Monzano, the beautiful adopted daughter of the San Lorenzo's dictator, "Papa" Monzano. John instantly fell in love with Mona. Next to "Papa" Monzano's photo was a picture of San Lorenzo's Minister of Science and Progress, Major General Franklin Hoenikker.

An essay in the advertisement, which John assumed was ghostwritten for Frank, told of Frank's lone voyage on a luxury craft from Cuba. He was starving when he found beautiful San Lorenzo. He disembarked from the craft, only to be jailed when it was discovered that he had no passport. "Papa" Monzano visited him in jail to find out if he was the son of Felix Hoenikker. When Frank revealed that he was, he was welcomed with open arms.

John took a job to write an article about Julian Castle, an American millionaire who founded a charity hospital, the House of Hope and Mercy, for San Lorenzo's destitute citizens. By the time Castle was forty, he had achieved a reputation as an alcoholic womanizer with a penchant for driving too fast and spending millions frivolously. Although he went through five wives, his only child was Philip Castle, the proprietor of the Casa Mona, the hotel where John planned to stay in San Lorenzo. John fantasized that Mona would fall in love with him during his stay there.

Horlick Minton, the new American ambassador to San Lorenzo, and his wife, Claire, sat next to John on the plane. John believes they were a duprass, a karass consisting of only two people, because they were completely enamored of one another. They had no interest in John at all despite his attempts to make small talk. Therefore, John visited the airplane's bar where he met H. Lowe Crosby, and his wife, Hazel. Crosby was fed up with the United States' tight labor regulations; he was moving his bicycle manufacturing business to San Lorenzo.

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What is the criminal business of the gangsters that Martin and Jack believe killed Frank Hoenikker?
Selling military secrets
Selling drugs
Test Your Understanding with the Chapters 35-43 Quiz

Chapters 35-43 QUIZ

Test Your Understanding with the Chapters 35-43 Quiz

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Ice-nine isn't an isotope of water. An isotope is an element with a different number of protons, and water is not an element and the water molecules are not altered. Ice-nine was just water in solid state only the molecules were put together differently than normal ice, which caused it to have a higher melting point.


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Incorrect Name

by tapmaster88, October 02, 2013

The name of Asa Breed's brother is not Martin, it is Marvin. Check Chapter 31.

Something I thought was interesting...

by possibly_troodon, March 28, 2014

It seems like almost every aspect of science has an opposite in religion and vice versa. Science is a search for truth, and Bokononism is nothing but "foma." Likewise, the scientific documents are completely incomprehensible to the secretaries in the Research Laboratory who transcribe them, and Bokononism is the one real comfort to the people of San Lorenzo.

I especially like how the contrast stands out in the characters of Felix Hoenikker and Bokonon. Felix is typically described as "innocent," yet his inventions, the atom bomb and i... Read more


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