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Snow Falling on Cedars

David Guterson


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What is the significance of the date of the second day of Kabuo’s trial?

2. Who is Alvin Hooks?

3. Why does the sheriff suspect that Carl Heine was murdered?

4. What is Ishmael’s job?

5. What does Mrs. Shigemura tell Hatsue?

6. What does Kabuo do immediately after marrying Hatsue?

7. Why does Hatsue run away from Ishmael when he kisses her at age fourteen?

8. To which of the following do Carl Heine Sr. and Zenhichi Miyamoto agree?

9. Why is Zenhichi unable to buy the land from Carl senior outright?

10. Why does Etta Heine sell the seven acres of farmland to Ole Jurgensen instead of to the Miyamotos?

11. What happens to Kabuo when he is eight years old?

12. What does Arthur Chambers print in the San Piedro Review after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

13. Why do the FBI agents arrest Hisao Imada?

14. What does Fujiko Imada predict?

15. What do Hatsue and Ishmael do together in their last meeting at the cedar tree?

16. What does Fujiko do when she discovers Ishmael’s love letter to Hatsue?

17. Why does Art Moran decide to arrest Kabuo?

18. Which of the following does Susan Marie Heine believe regarding her relationship to Carl?

19. What happens during Susan Marie’s testimony?

20. What does Hatsue urge Ishmael to do when he drives her home?

21. What does Ishmael discover when he takes a trip to the lighthouse?

22. What does Ishmael decide while rereading the rejection letter Hatsue sends him?

23. Who is Josiah Gillanders?

24. What does Carl do when Kabuo lends him a battery?

25. Why does the jury not immediately find Kabuo guilty?

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