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Leslie Marmon Silko


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. In which war does Tayo fight?

2. 2. How are Josiah and Auntie related?

3. 3. Who does Tayo stab in a bar?

4. 4. What is the distinguishing characteristic of Josiah's cattle?

5. 5. What does Grandma buy with Rocky's insurance money?

6. 6. What sport does Rocky play?

7. 7. How old was Tayo when his mother left him?

8. 8. Where does Betonie live?

9. 9. What did Night Swan do when she was a younger?

10. 10. From whom does Josiah buy the cattle?

11. 11. What color are Tayo's eyes?

12. 12. Who accompanies Hummingbird in his search for the rain?

13. 13. What is the main road that passes by the reservation?

14. 14. Which animals are Betonie's helper Shush associated with?

15. 15. According to Betonie, where do white people come from?

16. 16. What part of Tayo's body is cut during the ceremony?

17. 17. What does Buzzard need before he can purify the town?

18. 18. Who is in the car with Harley and Leroy when they pick Tayo up on the side of the road?

19. 19. Who is the father of the clouds?

20. 20. Where does Tayo find Josiah's cattle?

21. 21. What is Emo's full name?

22. 22. How long is Tayo gone from home?

23. 23. What animal is Ts'eh assoicated with?

24. 24. Where does Night Swan live?

25. 25. Who is Descheeny?

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Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko -- Summer Reading

by samjoerg, September 05, 2013

summer reading assignment


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by itrey3, September 19, 2013

Thanks to whoever took the time to write this. Could be redone though. Seems a little sloppy.


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Louise Erdrich!?

by mhillebrand, December 07, 2013

She should be included in that unfortunately short list of major Native American authors. Big oversight, in my little opinion. Apart from that, I am very grateful for these notes - helping me study for Praxis II English!


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