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Childhood's End

Arthur C. Clarke


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What is Stormgren's job?

2. Who is Wainright?

3. What city does Karellen's ship hover over?

4. Who kidnaps Stormgren?

5. How long are the Overlords on Earth before they reveal their physical appearance?

6. Which Overlord attends a party thrown by Rupert Boyce?

7. At the séance, who is the "channel" that provides the location of the Overlords' sun?

8. What is Rashaverak's area of interest?

9. Which is the Overlords' sun?

10. What is Dr. Sullivan's profession?

11. Who is Thanthalteresco?

12. What happens to New Athens?

13. Whom do the Overlords serve?

14. What is the first mental power Jennifer Greggson exibits?

15. In what approximate time period does part II of the book ("The Golden Age") take place?

16. In what does Jan Rodricks hide in order to stow away on an Overlord ship?

17. What is George Greggson's occupation in New Athens?

18. How does Karellen force South Africa to end discrimination?

19. Which Overlord befriends Jan Rodricks on the Overlord homeworld?

20. Who is the first person or people to see Karellen?

21. Who is the first child to begin transforming into something other than human?

22. What does Rupert Boyce use in his séance to answer questions?

23. Who is Jan Rodricks's brother-in-law?

24. What can the Overlords never do?

25. How many years pass between the time Jan Rodrick leaves and the time he returns?

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My remembrance of reading the story in 1957

by AlofACC, December 17, 2015

Karellan comes from behind the screen to the shock of the main character and explains that their race has been visiting earth for centuries - sent whenever we are in danger of extinction to use their powers to alleviate the issue so are often seen, causing humans to mistakenly associate them with causing the problems - hence devils, but a bum rap.

At the end the children coalesce into a single life form and suck up the resources of the earth to be their energy source, and sail out into the universe as their new playground. The actual ... Read more


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