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Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. When Crusoe eats eggs on the island, from what animal do they come?

2. Which of the following describes Robinson Crusoe’s place in his family?

3. Crusoe names his servant Friday in honor of what?

4. In what century is Robinson Crusoe set?

5. Where does Crusoe serve as a slave?

6. To what does the name Xury refer?

7. How does Crusoe first grow grain on the island?

8. To what does the name Poll refer?

9. Of what nationality are the mutineers on the ship that arrives?

10. What does Crusoe do after drinking a rum and tobacco mixture?

11. Why is Friday excited when he sees the cannibals’ captive in the boat?

12. Crusoe is frightened in a cave when he sees whose eyes?

13. Why does Crusoe’s first attempt at making a canoe fail?

14. What livestock makes up Robinson’s meat supply on the island?

15. To what does the name Benamuckee refer?

16. Crusoe’s father wishes his son to go into which profession?

17. How does Crusoe impress the natives on the African coast?

18. The cross that Crusoe erects on the island serves as what?

19. When Crusoe departs on his second trading voyage, with whom does he leaves some of his money?

20. To what does the name Sallee refer?

21. In Europe, Crusoe encounters ravenous wolves in which country?

22. Which type of fruit does Crusoe learn how to dry?

23. Two years after discovering the footprint, with what does Crusoe find the shore strewn?

24. After returning to England, what does Crusoe find out about his family?

25. Why doesn’t Crusoe take his wife back to the island with him?

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Q. Robinson Crusoe is a religious or spiritual allegory - justify your answer.

by touhidsm, April 30, 2014

Ans: Apart from being an exciting account of a man’s adventures on an uninhabited island, the book, “Robinson Crusoe” has been found to possess a profound allegorical significance. For many, Crusoe's many references to God, to Providence, to sin are extraneous to the real interest of the novel. ... Read the full answer at


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Writing style of Daniel Defoe used in his novel Robinson Crusoe.

by touhidsm, May 05, 2014

Answer: The narrator of Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, has a prominent style of depending on reason. Defoe, as a journalist, makes the novel seem real, not fiction by mentioning many details. There are lists of objects and actions which make the reader think that whatever happens to Crusoe is true. The author produces this impression of complete reality by employing three main methods which are the using of details, the form of biography or the first person narration and the nautical language. >> Read the full answer free at

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Structure of Robinson Crusoe.

by touhidsm, May 05, 2014

Answer: Two divergent views have been expressed by critics about the structure of the novel Robinson Crusoe, One view is that this novel is episodic, and lacks fundamental unity. This novel, according to this view, imitates life in its very shapelessness. According to the other view, this novel possesses a thematic unity and has a close-knit structure. >> Read the full answer free at


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