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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What physical feature does Nurse Ratched try to conceal?

2. Why did Nurse Ratched hire the three black aides?

3. What animals does McMurphy compare the patients to?

4. What animals does Harding compare the patients to?

5. What pattern covers McMurphy’s boxer shorts?

6. Which character is a closeted homosexual?

7. Which patient has been on the ward the longest?

8. How does Rawler, a patient on Disturbed, commit suicide?

9. Which of the following symbolizes Bromden’s insanity?

10. What is the reward for snitching on a fellow patient?

11. What is McMurphy’s first complaint to Nurse Ratched?

12. What ailment do Sefelt and Fredrickson suffer from?

13. Why does Doctor Spivey drive the patients and accompany them on the fishing trip?

14. Which character, a former seaman, captains the fishing boat?

15. What is McMurphy’s excuse for breaking through the glass of the Nurses’ Station?

16. What important information does the lifeguard give McMurphy?

17. Which of Nurse Ratched’s patients dies in the novel?

18. What punishment do McMurphy and Bromden receive for fighting with the aides?

19. What does McMurphy do to Nurse Ratched after Billy commits suicide?

20. Why doesn’t Harding want to escape with McMurphy?

21. How does Chief Bromden leave the hospital?

22. How does Charles Cheswick die?

23. What might the white whales on McMurphy’s boxers symbolize?

24. Which event symbolizes that Bromden is regaining his sense of self?

25. Who eventually kills McMurphy?

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by aliblanchette32, April 13, 2014

xcv x


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bad idea

by hell2pay, April 28, 2014

To weaken the structure of such an (intricate) attack on a borderline genius and his family 1st you must be more committed than more than 5 minds at play. You must do whatever it takes to luir you (snails) out of hiding you cowards are what entertains me. Now that you and I both know undeniably the web I woven has drawn you all into a trap, as the structure colapses on all of you. If you can heed warnings and believe mis information note that this is a game of chess, so to speak. And you hiding in the night served as a darker place for me t


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Character Analysis for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

by lindamerrill, October 21, 2016

Billy Bibbit derives his sense of self from other people in his life and allows society to determine how he views and treats himself.

Billy the mama’s boy. Billy the coward. Billy the misfit. All of these impressions of Billy Bibbit come from the world around him, but have over time greatly influenced his inner life.

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