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Cyrano de Bergerac

Edmond Rostand


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What does Cyrano say he will take with him to heaven?

2. Who hires the hundred men to kill Ligniere?

3. Why is Roxane worried for Christian’s safety among the Cadets of Gascoyne?

4. Whom does de Guiche propose as possible patrons for Cyrano in Act II?

5. Where are Roxane and Christian married?

6. Who tells Christian about the plot to kill Ligniere?

7. What is Cyrano’s relation to Roxane?

8. What does de Guiche do with the white plume after Cyrano produces it?

9. How does Christian prove his bravery to the cadets?

10. Why does Christian’s action go unpunished?

11. Why are the cadets hungry at the siege of Arras?

12. How does Cyrano distract de Guiche while Roxane and Christian are being married?

13. How does Cyrano win a pair of minstrels for a day?

14. Why does Cyrano hate Montfleury?

15. How does Cyrano treat the nuns in Roxane’s convent?

16. How does Roxane discover that Cyrano wrote the letters?

17. How is Cyrano dealt his mortal wound?

18. Why does Ragueneau’s marriage fail?

19. Where does Cyrano meet Roxane in Act II?

20. How often does Cyrano write Roxane on Christian’s behalf during the siege of Arras?

21. Who insults Cyrano’s nose most often during the play?

22. How does Christian die?

23. Why doesn’t Cyrano buy himself dinner after the duel in the theater?

24. Who kills de Guiche?

25. 25. Cyrano de Bergerac takes place during which two years?

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Error in Sparknotes.

by GaryB123, July 28, 2013

Sparknotes erroneously states in its Analysis — Act I, scenes i-iii (2nd Paragraph), “In Act I, scene iv, after Cyrano fights in a dramatic duel, his friend Cuigy wittily claims that Cyrano’s name is Dartagnan,” of The Three Musketeers fame.
What actually happens in Rostand’s play is this: an appreciative Musketeer, thoroughly entertained by the duel, commends Cyrano on his swordsmanship and then quickly leaves.
Cyrano asks Cuigy, “What was that gentleman’s name?”
Cuigy answers, “Oh…D’Artangnan.”
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Error in Quotations Analysis

by mel69849, November 04, 2013

Sparknotes says in regards to the following quote "VALVERT: Your nose is . . . very big. CYRANO: Yes, very. VALVERT: Ha! CYRANO: Is that all?" that "Remembering the promise he made to Roxane to keep Christian safe, Cyrano responds to Valvert’s ridiculing of his nose with biting, ironic criticism instead of violence." At this point in time, Roxane has said nothing to Cyrano about Christian, and indeed, Cyrano kills Valvert upon the final line of his balade.


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Context Section Error

by devinrichard97, May 04, 2014

According to the Context Article, Edmond Rostand's first play was "Le Gant Rouge", but this conflicts with Wikipedia, because it states that Edmond Rostand's first play as "Les romanesques". This should be fixed immediately, because I can't decide which source is true.


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