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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. Through whose eyes do we see most of the events in Daisy Miller?

2. 2. How might the hotel Trois Couronnes, where the Millers and Mrs. Costello are staying, be described?

3. 3. Mrs. Costello is what relation of Winterbourne’s?

4. 4. Why do Winterbourne’s friends like to say that he’s in Geneva “studying”?

5. 5. When Randolph first meets Winterbourne, what does he ask him for?

6. Where does Winterbourne promise to take Daisy in Chapter 1?

7. 7. When Mrs. Costello describes the Millers as “common,” she means that they are what?

8. 8. When Winterbourne first meets Daisy, it occurs to him that she may be what?

9. 9. What excuse does Winterbourne give for being unable to introduce Daisy to his aunt?

10. 10. During their trip to Chillon, why does Daisy get angry at Winterbourne?

11. 11. Mrs. Costello’s request that Winterbourne bring her the novel Paule Méré is what?

12. 12. What do Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Miller warn Daisy about when she proposes to walk in the Pincio?

13. 13. What seems to be Mrs. Miller’s favorite topic of conversation?

14. 14. How does Daisy react when Winterbourne suggests that she and Giovanelli might be in love?

15. 15. Which character, after Daisy, seems least concerned with social convention?

16. 16. Which character does not suffer from any physical ailment or malady in the novel?

17. 17. At Daisy’s funeral, what does Giovanelli tell Winterbourne about Daisy?

18. 18. On her deathbed, what does Daisy want Winterbourne to know?

19. 19. Many of James’s contemporary readers condemned Daisy Miller because his representative of American girlhood seemed how?

20. 20. When Mrs. Costello pretends to think that Daisy’s last name is “Baker” or “Chandler,” what is she doing?

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Discussion question

by Susantizp, January 08, 2014

Daisy and Winterbourne. How do these names symbolically represent these characters? In what ways are the names appropriate? Can you suggest alternate names for both characters that would also be evocative of their nature? Explain.


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Daisy Miller-Stereotypes "American girl"

by sparklshine, February 02, 2014

How is Daisy Miller represented of the stereotype of he "American girl"?
And why is she so worried about her purity?


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by purl31, April 21, 2015

Does anyone think that Mrs.Walker could be the older woman Winterbourne stays in Geneva for? She stays in Geneva during the winter and she is American. No one has seen this older woman it said in the book but that would make sense as they would have to keep any interest they had in eachother a complete secret.

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