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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What does Clarissa set out to purchase in the novel’s opening scene?

2. What object does Peter Walsh always have with him?

3. What color is Clarissa Dalloway’s party dress?

4. In which month does the novel take place?

5. Which male character proposes marriage to Clarissa and is refused?

6. Septimus feels human nature is essentially evil. Which character does he claim embodies “human nature”?”

7. Which line from a Shakespearean play is repeated several times throughout the novel?

8. What is Lucrezia Smith’s profession?

9. Septimus goes to the doctor because he is suffering from what illness?

10. Why does Lady Bruton invite Richard Dalloway and Hugh Whitbread to her home for lunch?

11. When Richard returns from having lunch at Lady Bruton’s, what does he bring home to Clarissa?

12. Who does Clarissa compare herself to when she returns home to her attic room?

13. What was the most exquisite moment of Clarissa’s life?

14. Where does Peter Walsh live?

15. Where did Clarissa spend her summers as a girl?

16. What is the name of Peter’s fiancée?

17. What does Clarissa have in her hands when Peter Walsh makes an unexpected visit?

18. What illness has Clarissa recently recovered from?

19. When Peter Walsh falls asleep in Regent’s Park, what does he dream about?

20. Whom does Septimus hear speaking to him from behind trees and screens?

21. What does Sir William Bradshaw, one of Septimus’s doctors, believe in most strongly?

22. Who does Clarissa see twice in the window across from her own?

23. Where does Doris Kilman go after having tea with Elizabeth?

24. Which shocking action did Sally Seton take at Bourton?

25. What does Lady Bradshaw tell Clarissa at the Dalloways’ party?

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Narrative Voice

by MLangeroodi, April 08, 2013

Hey, I wrote this essay in my first year at university. Follow the link!


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by HeulynTheUnicat, April 27, 2014

I'm stydying for an oral exam, and it's nice to have these informations. I remembered most of the characters form reading the books, of course, but what I found really interesting were the comparisons with other characters. But I do think Elizabeth is missing as one of the main characters, since she has quite an important role in the novel, too.


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by PosMich, May 08, 2014

afaik the UK entered WWII on the 3th of septemeber 1939 when Chamberlain announced that Britain is at war with Germany (after an ultimatum has expired)


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