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Chapters 76–82

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Chapters 76–82

Chapters 76–82

Chapters 76–82

Chapters 76–82

Summary: Chapter 76

Langdon has a realization about the “headstone praised by Templars” which appears in the poem. The Knights Templar were accused of devil worship during the time of Pope Clement. The god they purportedly worshipped sometimes appeared as a large stone head, the head of Baphomet. Langdon and Teabing agree that this must be the password for the cryptex.

Summary: Chapter 77

Langdon, Sophie, and Teabing use the Atbash Cipher to decode the word Baphomet. The word they unearth is Sofia, the Greek word for wisdom and a variation of Sophie’s name.

Summary: Chapter 78

When Sophie opens the cryptex, she finds another cryptex wrapped in a piece of vellum with a poem written on it. The poem includes a reference to a knight who is buried in London. Teabing says he knows where they should look.

Summary: Chapter 79

Collet, still at the chateau, is supervising the team that is looking for evidence there. One of the examiners has found a postcard of a cathedral with Teabing’s ideas about how the architecture resembles a vagina, as well as Teabing’s list of speculations as to who has been the head of the Priory over the years.

Summary: Chapter 80

Teabing tells Sophie and Langdon that he plans to bribe officials to let them into England without passports. Langdon is skeptical, but Teabing convinces him that his status as an eccentric old knight will help him get away with it. The pilot says the control tower has asked him to land in a different place and to keep everybody on the plane. Thinking this sounds suspicious, Teabing goes to the front of the plane to try to bribe the pilot.

Summary: Chapter 81

Simon Edwards, the manager of Biggin Hill Airport, watches Teabing’s plane taxi onto the runway. Unexpectedly, the plane heads toward Teabing’s private hangar, which was not part of the plan. Before the police arrive at the hangar, Langdon and Sophie exit the plane and drag Silas into the limousine. When the police arrive and search the cabin, they find nobody.

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I noticed a typo you may want to fix.

by Krees18, May 17, 2015

In the summary of Ch. 2 there is reference to the "Church of Saint-".
It should be "Church of Saint Sulpice"

You may want to fix that.


by averybusyman, June 20, 2017

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