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Chapters 83–88

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Chapters 83–88

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Chapters 83–88

Chapters 83–88

Chapters 83–88

Summary: Chapter 83

Teabing lies his way into the Temple Church. He tells Sophie and Langdon that the Knights Templar used to run a primitive sort of bank, storing gold in their churches and allowing people with the right documents to withdraw the gold while they were traveling. Teabing, Sophie, and Langdon make their way into the tomb, where ten knights lie.

Summary: Chapter 84

Outside of the Temple Church, Rémy drinks vodka and thinks about how he will soon be rich. He unties Silas and tells him that he, too, serves the Teacher. They each take a gun and Rémy says they have a job to do. At the airfield, Fache is furious with the policemen who have not stopped Teabing.

Summary: Chapter 85

Teabing, Sophie, and Langdon try and fail to find the missing orb to which the verse referred. There are ten tombs containing knights; nine of the tombs are decorated with statues of knights. One has no statue.

The altar boy who let them in comes back and asks them questions. He hears a sound and goes to investigate. Rémy and Silas, who have entered, threaten him. The boy wets his pants in fear, and then he is allowed to run away.

Summary: Chapter 86

Silas holds Langdon at gunpoint and demands the cryptex, but Langdon threatens to smash it on the floor and ruin the papyrus inside unless Silas lets Sophie and Teabing go. Since the Teacher has had Rémy instruct Silas not to shoot anyone, Silas doesn’t know what to do. The Teacher has also told Rémy not to show his face, but Rémy takes Teabing at gunpoint and makes Langdon give Silas the cryptex. Rémy leaves with Teabing. Silas keeps Langdon and Sophie at gunpoint.

Summary: Chapter 87

At the chateau, one of the agents comes in from the barn and tells Collet to come look at something. In a loft in the barn, out of view, a high-tech surveillance station is set up. Collet asks who is being observed, and the agent says the answer will surprise him.

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I noticed a typo you may want to fix.

by Krees18, May 17, 2015

In the summary of Ch. 2 there is reference to the "Church of Saint-".
It should be "Church of Saint Sulpice"

You may want to fix that.


by averybusyman, June 20, 2017

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