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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who is Sinclair's early tormenter?

2. Who saves Sinclair from his early tormenter?

3. Who is Beatrice?

4. With whom does Sinclair first discuss Abraxas?

5. What does Sinclair see in the clouds during the big storm?

6. Who is Abraxas?

7. What does Sinclair consider to be the first act that truly brings him to the world of darkness?

8. In what illicit activity does Sinclair engage while at Prep. School?

9. Why does Sinclair stay at university over the summer?

10. Demian and Sinclair spend time together at all of the following, EXCEPT

11. Why does Sinclair avoid Demian when they are first placed in the same confirmation class?

12. How do Sinclair and Demian become reunited during confirmation class?

13. Which animal is a symbol of Sinclair's yearning to break free?

14. During which phase of his life is Sinclair without Demian?

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