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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who comes to the island of the blue dolphins to hunt otter?

2. What is Karana's brother's name?

3. What happens when the Aleuts try to leave the island?

4. Why do the people of Ghalas-at believe Chowig died?

5. Where does Kiki go in the spring after the Aleuts leave Ghalas-at?

6. What does Ulape put on her face before she leaves the island/

7. Where does Ramo go when everyone is on their way to the ship

8. Why does Karana end up back on the island?

9. Who is in the village when Karana and her brother get back there after being left behind by the ship?

10. What happens to Karana's brother when he goes out to get a canoe?

11. Why does Karana hesitate to make weapons?

12. Why does Karana decide to leave Ghalas-at?

13. What does Karana see during her trip on the ocean that helps her get home?

14. Out of what does Karana make the fence around her house?

15. Where does Karana build her house?

16. Why does Karana go to hunt sea elephants?

17. What happens when Karana goes to hunt the sea elephants?

18. What does Karana make a special spear to catch?

19. Who is Tainor?

20. What does Karana find in Black Cave?

21. What does Karana tell Tutok before she leaves?

22. Who is Rontu-Aru?

23. According to Karana, what sound is like the human voice?

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island of the blue dolphin

by adambob12, February 15, 2013

i love the book it is awesome I'm on chapter 16 it is the besy book better


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May need to know..

by HCW10, January 02, 2014

There are some other important notes my Language Art teacher thinks we should know...There was good fortune when the fish washed up on shore to feed them and when Wana-a-pa-le got upset about them killing the otters...this might help a little but otherwise it explains a lot already.


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Island of the Blue Dolphins

by note3, February 20, 2014

i hate this our teacher just assigned us this omg i hate this


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