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The English Patient

Michael Ondaatje


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who saves the English patient from the burning plane?

2. Where is the villa that houses Hana and the English patient?

3. What is Kip's job in the British army?

4. When does Almásy first take notice of Katharine Clifton?

5. For which ancient desert city are Europeans searching?

6. What does Katharine do that the English Patient cannot bear?

7. Who does Caravaggio think the English patient is?

8. Who trains Kip in the art of defusing bombs?

9. Which book does Almásy carry with him on his journeys across the desert?

10. Why does the English army at El Taj refuse to help Almásy return for Katharine?

11. What is Kip's profession at the end of the novel?

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Addendum on Count Almasy

by Desdichado32, March 18, 2017

One point in this analysis I cannot entirely agree with is the argument that Almasy places no value in the concept of nations and states. Certainly he believes them to be man-made and irrelevant in the brutal landscape of the desert; however, his value of nations changes once he is betrayed by the British. When they refuse to help him and in effect allow Katherine to die his perspective of nations changes. At this point nations do assume value for Almasy. He sees the Germans as the most effective conduit for revenging himself on the British.... Read more


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