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Fallen Angels

Walter Dean Myers


Study Questions & Essay Topics

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1. Which of the following leads Richie to enlist in the army?

2. Why does Earlene end her relationship with Peewee?

3. What are the circumstances of Jenkins’s death?

4. How does Lobel cope with his fear?

5. How does Peewee cope with his fear?

6. Besides combat, what problems do Richie and his fellow soldiers face?

7. Why does Richie not tell his mother or brother the truth about his war experiences?

8. Which of the following best describes Richie’s letter to Lieutenant Carroll’s wife about Carroll’s death?

9. What did Richie dream of doing before he enlisted in the army?

10. Why does Lobel blame himself for Carroll’s death?

11. What happens when Lieutenant Gearhart goes on his first patrol mission?

12. What is most important to Captain Stewart?

13. What is most important to Sergeant Simpson?

14. Why does Lobel enlist in the army?

15. Which of the following best describes the relationship between Richie and his mother prior to the war?

16. How does the war change the relationship between Richie and his mother?

17. How does Richie injure his knee?

18. How does Lobel’s father feel about the war?

19. How many Purple Hearts does Richie earn in the war?

20. How do Johnson and Walowick cope with having to kill people in the war?

21. Which of the following men do Peewee and Richie save from certain death?

22. Which of the following men is devoutly religious?

23. How does Richie feel about being ordered to return to his unit after he recuperates from his first wound?

24. How does Richie’s father feel about the war?

25. Why does Richie finally leave Vietnam at the end of Fallen Angels?

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by YoungMabz, August 04, 2013

Many people in this world are unsure of what their future goals may be just like this certain young man named, Richie Perry. Richie Perry is a smart African American and well behaved child who had graduated from his high school in Harlem. However, his mother who loves to drink does not have enough money to send him to collage. Richie believes he should join the army so he can escape his future, which he does, he joins the army. He is now being sent to Vietnam to fight in the war to fulfill his duty. Richie claims he joined the army to find o... Read more


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setting and begining story

by YoungMabz, August 04, 2013

setting is in Harlem in 1967.

Richie joined the army so he can have money and send it home to his little brother, Kenny. He also joined because it is an escape to get away from all the questions people would ask him about his future that he was unsure of. After he is sent to Vietnam to fight he writes to his brother explaining that the war is going to end very soon. Richie begins to get familiar with his leader which he quickly finds out is selfish by his actions.

middle of story

by YoungMabz, August 04, 2013

Richie begins to start thinking deep about his entire life,very shortly they are ambushed and Richie begins to fire his weapon. Once they escape the attack they find out their leader was hit by enemy fire and must be taken to the hospital where he dies. Everyone is mourning their fallen soldier's death and pays their respect. Hours go by, Richie and his squad are restless, don't know what to do. they become very bored and start thinking of what terror could occur next.

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