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Part Five, Chapters 3-5

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White Fang slowly becomes accustomed to life in his master's house. Dick, the deer-hound, learns not to attack him, but Collie still continues with her snarls. White Fang starts to learn about his master's house--he must be kind to the children, he must respect the other members of the house. Outside, White Fang at first has problems with the chickens--attacking chickens and then the groom when he tries to save them. Scott says that he cannot cure White Fang of his nature until he catches him killing the chickens.

Several nights later, White Fang kills fifty chickens that the groom lays out across the porch. Scott comes outside and discovers this, and cuffs him while holding his nose to the chickens. Judge Scott, Scott's father, tells Scott that once a chicken-killer kills a chicken, they will never get the taste from their mouth and will always kill chickens. Scott tells him that he will lock White Fang in with the chickens all afternoon and that for every chicken that he kills, Scott will give the Judge a gold coin. For every ten minutes of the time that White Fang spends in the yard without killing chickens, the Judge will have to say to him solemnly, "White Fang, you are smarter than I thought." Scott locks White Fang in with the chickens and White Fang ignores them, at four o'clock leaping outside onto the porch. The Judge tells White Fang sixteen times that he is smarter than he thought.

So White Fang becomes part of the household. But his master is just: White Fang learns that he can kill wild things, and that he doesn't need to tolerate other dogs attacking him. White Fang flourishes, but he never quite relaxes. He misses the snow, misses the Wild. Yet he learns to play with his master and slowly learns to tolerate Collie.

One day White Fang is out with his master, and he barks once. After that Scott tries to make him bark again, but he doesn't, until one day when Scott's horse falls to the earth, and Scott breaks his leg. Scott sends White Fang home to get help, and he runs up and onto the porch where he barks and pulls them along until they follow him and help Scott.

Finally, even he and Collie become friends and run together as mates.

About this time, a convict escapes from the San Quentin prison. The Judge has sentenced Jim Hall to prison, and when he escapes, he decides to seek vengeance upon Judge Scott. He sneaks up and onto the porch and would have killed the family, if White Fang had not been keeping watch. Jim Hall shoots White Fang, but White Fang kills Jim Hall. The family calls for a surgeon and he tries to save their dog.

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White Fang

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White fang

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