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Part Three, Chapters 4-6

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In the fall, the village packs up to go off for fall hunting. White Fang decides to stay behind and, quite deliberately, hides in the forest. That night he is cold, lonely, and afraid. In the morning, he goes and looks at the abandoned village and howls mournfully. He runs alongside the river, looking for his people. The second day, White Fang finds his people camped along the river, and White Fang surrenders himself to Gray Beaver. He is now, by his own choice, a dog.

In December, Gray Beaver travels up the Mackenzie by sled. Mit-sah and Kloo-kooch go with him, and White Fang is fastened to Mit-sah's sled. The dogs are tied in fan formation, with each a whole body's length ahead of the next, but so that all of the dogs pursue the one in the front. Mit-sah puts Lip-lip at the front of the rope, so all the dogs pursue him and grow to hate him. Then Mit-sah favors Lip-lip the most of the dogs, in order to make all the dogs hate him. But even with their shared hatred of Lip-lip, White Fang and the other dogs still do not get along. White Fang could have become the leader, but he is too solitary, a tyrant rather than a leader.

White Fang, while he knows that Gray Beaver is his master, has little affection for him. White Fang attacks a boy who attacks him for no reason, yet Gray Beaver is not angry. Then he attacks boys who are attacking Mit-sah, and he still is not angry. White Fang thus learns to defend property against other humans.

In the spring, the three people and the dogs return to the village. White Fang is a year old now and already has reached the height of other dogs, although he hasn't compacted yet. He meets the dogs of the village with new confidence, and they respect him.

In the summer, White Fang meets up with his mother again, but she has a new litter of puppies and drives him away with growls and bites. White Fang is confused, but leaves.

As the days go on, White Fang is molded into a rather wolfish dog. He is full of strength with his one weakness being that he cannot stand hearing people laugh at him. In the third year of his life, another famine comes upon the people, and White Fang leaves to live in the woods. He meets his mother, then meets Lip-lip and kills him. After some time, he returns to the village and the famine is over.

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White fang

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