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Lord of the Flies

William Golding

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Got questions for chapter 1

by iSpyChicken, October 03, 2012

1. Where were the boys going in the plane? Describe what happened to it.

2. Describe the island where the boys landed. What created the “Scar” on the island?

3. What does Piggy find? How is it used?

4. Who is chosen to be the chief? Why?

5. How does Jack wish to contribute to the survival of the boys?


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This is for question 4 i think!

by laloca52411, October 05, 2012

piggy finds a conch . and they use it to call a meeting .


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by guardieforlife, October 07, 2012

1. the boys were hit by a(n?) (atom?) bomb
2. the "scar" is the crash site made by the plane in the jungle
3. piggy found the conch that is used to summon the boys by ralph. piggy has asthma, so he couldnt use the conch because he would run out of breath
4. ralph is chosen to be chief because he has the conch
5. jack is the leader of the hunters. the hunters are members of the choir and jack is the leader because he is 'chapter chorister and head boy'


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