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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Whose responsibility is it to maintain the first signal fire?

2. What powers does Jack ascribe to the beast after Simon’s murder?

3. How does the first boy disappear?

4. Who is the first boy to disappear?

5. Where does the beast go during the day, according to one littlun?

6. Who sees the dead parachutist first?

7. Which character speaks to the Lord of the Flies?

8. What lures the navy ship to the island?

9. Whom does Jack strike shortly after his first kill?

10. When Piggy is killed, what else is destroyed?

11. What is Ralph’s first act upon being elected leader?

12. What object does Ralph clutch when he talks about Simon’s murder?

13. Who is the only boy to kill someone on the island by himself?

14. What does Jack suggest the boys use as the “pig” in their dance-like reenactment of the hunt?

15. Which boy treats the littluns with the most kindness?

16. Which boy would rather hunt than build huts?

17. Where is Jack’s tribe headquarters?

18. What tool or tools do the boys use to make fire?

19. What is the boys’ home country?

20. Who kills Piggy?

21. What surrounds Simon’s body as it floats into the sea?

22. Who knocks the Lord of the Flies to the ground?

23. On what obstruction does the dead parachutist become tangled?

24. Who tells Jack where Ralph is hiding in Chapter 12?

25. Which boy does not dance at Jack’s first feast?

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This is for question 4 i think!

by laloca52411, October 05, 2012

piggy finds a conch . and they use it to call a meeting .


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How was it brave that Simon spoke to the Lord of the Flies?

by waitwhathomework, November 18, 2012

Maybe because the other boys were like afraid to (Fear of the Unknown?) or something? He also discovered the truth? Idk help?


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Questions for Ch. 11 and 12

by cooper2121, December 14, 2012

1. What symbols does Golding use to show that civilization has been destroyed on the island?
2. What do you think is meant by "They understood only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought"?

1. How does Golding change his boys from savages back to little boys in the eyes of the reader?
2. What is the purpose of the naval officer's presence in the surrounding waters, and what is the irony of this in the light of his reaction to the "fun and games" of the boys?


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