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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

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1. Franklin's father was:

2. Part One of the Autobiography opens with a letter to:

3. In 1730, Franklin enters into a common-law marriage with:

4. Early in life, Franklin works for his father, who:

5. Franklin spends much of his teenage years working for:

6. When Franklin leaves Boston, the first city he travels to is:

7. In Philadelphia, Franklin begins to work for a printer named:

8. Shortly after arriving in Philadelphia, Franklin meets the Royal Governor of Pennsylvania, a man named:

9. In order to make contacts in the printing and stationery industries, Franklin travels to and spends 18 months in:

10. Which of these positions does Franklin not achieve?

11. Franklin traveled to England in 1724 with:

12. Franklin's childhood friend, John Collins,

13. Before leaving England, Franklin contemplates starting up a school to teach people how to:

14. Franklin was born in:

15. Franklin formed a debating society called:

16. Early in his life, Franklin considered founding:

17. The Autobiography ends around the year:

18. Franklin is generally credited with the founding of:

19. Franklin's major newspaper, which he took over in 1729, was:

20. One of the major critics who wrote a condemnation of Franklin's Autobiography was:

21. Part Two of the Autobiography is best described as a(n):

22. All four parts of Franklin's Autobiography were published and released together in English for the first time:

23. Apart from the Autobiography, Franklin is perhaps best remembered in print for his:

24. Franklin gives brief mention in the Autobiography to the death of:

25. The bulk of the Autobiography was written in:

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by muna712, July 11, 2016

ben franklin was the 10th son of 15 children

correction to the other note

by torimorningglory, September 29, 2016

actually, benji frank's dad fathered 17 children. 7 were from his first wife who died, and the next 10 were from benji's mom