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Girl, Interrupted

Susanna Kaysen


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1. What does the doctor who sends her to McLean Hospital notice on Kaysen’s face?

2. What does Polly scream about when she realizes the extent of her burns?

3. How does Kaysen try to kill herself?

4. What does Lisa say about life outside the hospital?

5. What does Jim Watson offer to do for Kaysen?

6. What are the names of Wade’s father’s dangerous friends?

7. What kind of medication does Daisy repeatedly demand?

8. How long does Kaysen believe it took the doctor to diagnose her?

9. Where is the only place a patient can be alone on the hospital ward?

10. What interrupts the girls every five, fifteen, and thirty minutes?

11. Which of the following are the girls not allowed to have on the ward?

12. What is Lisa’s diagnosis?

13. Kaysen believes that mental illness can be divided into which two kinds?

14. Why does Lisa throw a tantrum to have her window opened?

15. What makes Dr. Wick most uncomfortable?

16. Which two major figures were assassinated in 1968?

17. Whom do the girls visit on the maximum-security ward?

18. What drug do the nurses often give patients to calm them down?

19. What is Kaysen scared of losing at the dentist?

20. Who does Kaysen run into years after she leaves the hospital?

21. What is Kaysen’s primary complaint at her typing job?

22. In Kaysen’s opinion, what is a sign that a mental patient may be incurable?

23. What is Kaysen’s diagnosis?

24. Who is most commonly diagnosed with Kaysen’s disorder?

25. Where does the title Girl, Interrupted come from?

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The answer to question 17 is incorrect

by texasfocus, April 19, 2014

17. Whom do the girls visit on the maximum-security ward?

SparkNotes says the correct answer is Lisa Cody, when it was actually Alice Calais (vivid because of the feces all over her and the room).


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Number 5 is incorrect

by danakimberley, July 25, 2015

5. What does Jim Watson offer to do for Kaysen?
Sparknotes says the correct answer is
(C) Help her escape to New York
but the real correct answer is
(A) Take her to England.
In the chapter The Secret of Life, page 27, Jim Watson offers to take Susanna to England and she refuses.

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