Go Ask Alice



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To where do Alice and Chris flee?

To what religion does Beth belong?

Who invites Alice and Chris to a swanky party where they do drugs?

Who is Alice's first love?

What makes Alice first regret drugs?

Where is Alice sent after her unintentional overdose?

What is Alice's father's job?

What happened to Joel's father?

Who invites Alice and Chris to his house for dinner with his family?

The ruling power of old, white men is called what?

What war rages on in the background of Go Ask Alice?

What has Alice never tried while sober?

What does Alice call her diary?

What word irks Alice's father when she uses it?

What is harder to get than drugs for minors?

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by catsarecoolio, December 19, 2013

Alice isn't the name of the character, 'Go Ask Alice' is a lyric from a song called 'White Rabbit'.


by MikeMeulenbroek, February 06, 2015

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