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His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. What kind of an animal is Lord Asriel’s daemon?

2. 2. How did Lord Asriel’s fortune disappear?

3. 3. What is Iorek Byrnison?

4. 4. What is the name of Lyra’s daemon?

5. 5. Which magical tool does Lyra use?

6. 6. What does Mary Malone study?

7. 7. Where do Will and Lyra both live?

8. 8. What did Will’s father do before he went missing?

9. 9. Where is Lee Scoresby from?

10. 10. How does Lyra convince Iofur Raknison to fight Iorek Byrnison?

11. 11. What form do witches’ daemons take?

12. 12. How many times does Lyra rescue Roger?

13. 13. Where do Will and Lyra meet?

14. 14. What are Lady Salmakia and Chevalier Tialys?

15. 15. What candy inspired Mary to leave her religious life?

16. 16. What, besides their mouths, do the mulefa use to talk?

17. 17. Who is Lyra’s mother?

18. 18. What is the relationship between Baruch and Balthamos?

19. 19. What kind of being is Xaphania?

20. 20. According to mulefa lore, what caused consciousness to come into existence?

21. 21. What form does Will’s daemon take when she settles?

22. 22. Who teaches Mary how to see her daemon?

23. 23. What makes the Dust stop flowing out of the world of the mulefa?

24. 24. Whom does Lyra allow to touch Pantalaimon?

25. 25. How old is Lyra when she starts her adventures?

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